Monday, October 17, 2011

Best Sushi

Tatu  -  Hollywood Hard Rock

sushi roll
Awesome atmosphere and a very South Beach vibe make for some great times in Hollywood. Tatu has a fantastic menu (I love the crab Rangoon) and a very good wine list. The bar is full liquor and they have some of the best martinis in town. Loud ultra lounge type music and an ambiance that is truly unique creates a fun and energetic vibe. The family style menu is the perfect fit for an unforgettable evening with friends.
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Blue Fin - Parkland town center

Great little family style family run restaurant in Parkland.  The food is the focus but they have a nice wine list too.  Ambiance is welcoming and warm with a very large sushi bar in the center of the restaurant so there is no mistaking what they're all about. 
More about Blue Finn

Doraku - Lincoln Rd South Beach

At the west end of Lincoln road Doraku has a very Asian feel to it.  The decor is heavy on the bamboo and the food is authentic and reasonable.  Full liquor bar and once in a while they offer naked sushi.
More about Doraku

Nobu - South Beach in the Shore club

In the pricey neighborhood of South Beach.

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