Sunday, March 18, 2018

Papa’s Raw Bar - Seafood

Paid a visit to Papa’s Raw Bar in Deerfield Beach yesterday and we had a great time.

Papa's raw bar tacos
We started off with their stone crab claws which were fantastic and then we had a couple of their conch tacos which are served in a double corn tortilla. We had the conch blackened but there are quite a few ways to have the conch served ... we'll let you head on over there yourself to see all the options.

We finished up with their swordfish bites which we also had blackened and they were great. They told us the swordfish bites are one of their top selling items and we can see why.

We had a few glasses of  J Lohr chardonnay which it turned out was on happy hour ... great surprise.

Papa’s Raw Bar partners with the seafood market next door and that means they have wahoo on the menu every day. I love wahoo and rarely find it in any restaurant so I'm definitely going back to have some of that.

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