Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Dusk till dawn light bulbs

I am converting as much as I can to solar around the house both to reduce my day to day electric spend and also to give me some lighting when the power goes out (Florida is awesome but hurricanes are a reality). I was going to replace my outdoor wall lights but I don't really need them in a power loss as my motion sensor security lights will give me critical lighting where I need it.

I still want to reduce my power costs and photo cell (dusk till dawn) lighting really helps here so rather than change the fixtures or even adding an interior timer switch I purchased the 6 pack of these Sunco lights and they are great so far.

I found links to the 6 pack of the bulbs I bought but the 3 and 10 pack links below work out close to the same great deal I got so hopefully they can fit a need for some of you too.

They also have a soft white version at around 3000k lum which may work better for some of you. I like the super bright day light option above.