Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Okeechobee Algae solution

This situation is now critical and in many views criminal as the army corps pumps known poison into the Atlantic and Gulf causing fish and mammal kills at epic levels.

The solution now is to get the water flowing south as it once did back into the everglades so natural filtration can occur before the water gets to the oceans. The issue is the land between the lake and the everglades is all sugar growing fields and there is major push back on giving up the land.

This solution requires no land buy back and only runs (automatically) when lake levels approach a dangerous level. It provides a secondary safety buffer via a concrete insulating pipe and the entire system can be shut down by stopping a simple pump at any time. It also requires no structural changes to the current dyke and even relieves current pressure on the dyke.

Costs for this system would be minimal and would immediately stop the deliberate destruction of coastal real estate, tourism, businesses, human health and safety and the killing of protected mammals and fish.

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