Monday, October 17, 2011

Best Chicken Wings

Brus Room - any location

Their grilled chicken wings are the best I've ever had. Nothing like grilled wings in a hot sauce that brings tears to your eyes with a nice cold Guinness to wash them down.
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Bonefish Mac's in Lighthouse point

I've never had wings like these before but they were cooked perfectly and super spicy hot. The wings come in a sauce that's almost like a soup in texture. In the soup are onions and jalepenios which really give the wings a bite. The chicken falls off the bone and the flavor is awesome. Bonefish Mac's is a sports grille and a really fun place to watch a game. They're big Stealers fans.

Rickey's in Hollywood

A small little neighborhood bar in Hollywood. Rickey's has been a long time fixture in Hollywood and their wings are legendary.
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Hooters - any location

I love the breaded wings at hooters. The pines location is a great place to start your Sunday before heading in to watch the Dolphins.
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