How I am using my solar set up every day

My approach is to have a room in my house (not the entire house) where I can be comfortable in the event of a power loss … that means air conditioning.  
I also want to get regular everyday use and benefit from my solar power (not just sitting idle like a home generator). This is how I use my inverter and how I get 110 power from my setup for use in multiple ways in my house.

Here is what I am about to add to my system and some advise for anyone considering a new setup of their own:

Here is my setup and testing of the air conditioner I will be using:

Here are the components I'm using for the main inverter power bank:

This is what I'm using for my 12v power needs (the fridge, charging Ipads & phones and my usb internet hotspot)

This is the refirdgerator freezer run 24x7 off the 12v power

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