How to get the most out of a practical inexpensive solar setup

This setup gave all the quiet power I needed to run a 5,000 BTU air conditioner for 11 days after Hurricane Ian devastated my area in Port Charlotte.  This system also allowed me to keep food and drink cold, charge my iPhone, iPad, usb motion lights and it kept my USB powered hotspot running constantly which meant I had internet and phone calls via WhatsApp while my neighbors had literally nothing. My AT&T cell phone service (voice, text and data) was not functioning for 13 days.

This setup has many benefits over fixed “all in one solutions”
  • Unlimited amounts of solar watts - just add controllers as needed
  • Charger, controllers, inverter, shunt … all separate which means they can be replaced or upgraded without needing to replace the whole system
  • Batteries can be added one at a time (in 12 volt configuration)
  • With 4 batteries the system can support 12, 24 and 48 volt inverters
  • Can add as many 12v USB and other adapters as needed 
This is an extremely flexible and is expensive configuration for this much power and capability.

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