How I stay connected and get critical information during power loss

Communications is critical in a power loss or disaster situation.
  • You need to stay informed on the storm
  • You need to communicate with loved ones and 1st responders
  • After the storm you need to know what gas stations and other recourses are available.
The day after Ian passed I had reached out to my insurance company, filed with FEMA(who turned me down like many thousands more), used WhatsApp to communicate with family (AT&T service was pathetic) and was getting news reports of the devastation.

None of my neighbors had any access to this and as they were all using generators I could help them find open gas stations using gas buddy.  

These hotspots are critical and this is the one that I use and can attest to how well it worked in Port Charlotte after we took a direct hit from Hurricane Ian.

I’m writing this article on the 11th … 13 days after the storm hit and I still do not have Xfinity internet nor do I have any internet data service available in my phone from AT&T.   Skyroam Solis has been my only dependable communication provider and I recommend them highly after this experience.

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